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Our Great Gatsby Look

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It seems just about everyone’s talking about
‘The Great Gatsby’! Baz Luhrmann’s spectacular silver screen adaptation of Scott Fitzgerald’s novel is a glowing tribute to 1920s glamorous fashions.

The roaring twenties was an era that epitomized great style, especially for women with their drop-waist flapper dresses, multi-stranded pearl necklaces, headpieces and fascinators decorated with diamanté, sequins and feathers. There was so much glitz and opulence back then and you can create the look today to great effect with a few key pieces.

Here at Barnett Lawson we have suggestions from our extensive range that we feel would fashion a really great ‘Gatsby’ look. From luxuriant feather boas and fringing to exquisite masks and sequin motifs, we have just what you need to recreate your own Jazz Age style!

Chandelle Boa Carnival Mask Ostrich Fringe Charleston Mask Stripped Coquen Bunches
Plain Veiling Fabric Flower Feather Mask Fused Pearls Round Diamante Buckle
Diamanté Button Fan Shaped Sequin Motif Cornelli Motif Sequin and Bead Motif Art-Deco-Sequin Motif
Sequin Flower Motif Winged Bead Sequin Motif Zig Zag Sequin Braid Ostrich Spadone Sequin Braid
Sequin Braid Pheasant Motif Ostrich Boa Fringe Silver Lurex Fringe Braid
Square Beaded Motif Beaded Fringe Diamond Sequin Motif Art Deco Style Motif Hat Base
Engraved Metal Button Scolloped Edged Braid Fringe Velvet Corsage 4 Row Diamant Banding